blue nude  2007 by Norman Engel

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I heard your voice
“baby…” you said,
waking me up
from a dream.
I sit up instantly,
almost possessed
by your spirit.
I look around the room
For your ghost.
I feel your presence
But not your hands
Or lips or
Green eyes boring into me
When I say something
And you feel the need
To stare and criticize.
The voice woke me up,
But i was not fooled.
You never call me baby,
You only call
Upon my faults.


Thoreau is such an inspiring man, I love him so much.

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k9-laboratorium:planning the ‘nothingness’

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"November Wind" 

41x30” Mixed media on wrapped paper

So gorgeous

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Hello Lazy Yogi. Why, in your opinion, do people want (especially) people or things that it seems they simply cannot have? Thank you.


The only thing you can desire is something you don’t have right now. That is the very definition of desire. It wouldn’t make sense to be desiring something even while you’re having it. You may be fearing to lose something, which is the reflection of the mind’s state of lack and insecurity, but it is not the same as the desire to bridge the separation between yourself and that thing. 

There are some psychological explanations about why the unattainability of something, like wanting to have sex with a very attractive celibate person such as a priest or nun, may intensify desire. The more intense the sense of separation, the more intense the pleasure when the separation is overcome. 

However, like all desire in the end, it comes from confusing pleasure or excitement with happiness itself. Pleasure and excitement appear to come from the outside, but they are truly only pale reflections of the happiness that wells up from within. 

Namaste :)


When I was little I asked my parents why the news only ever showed the bad things in our world and they said they didn’t know, it had just always been that way, I promptly jumped up and said “well, then I’m going to make a new news paper when I grow up, and it will only cover the good in the world. People need to see that more than they need to see the bad stuff. It will be called The Good News”

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