Antonio Lee, Untitled, Oil and acrylic on canvas,100 cm x 140 cm, 2013

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*K. Steele* does one of the best online comics I have ever seen called Stress. Stress mixes humor and the surreal perfectly while accompanied by fantastic artwork. Chekkim out at stresscomic.tumblr.com.

I did this thing for a blog that gets a bunch of people to all draw the same thing. They had nice stuff to say and are cool.

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Kobayashi Eitaku, Japanese silk handscroll. Circa 1887.

"The scroll shows the stages of decompostion of womans body, beginning with her fully clothed body and ending with her bones being eaten by dogs. The subject is an ancient Buddhist one, treating of the transience of the physical body, but which later assumed didactic functions relating to the proper conduct of women. In this example, however, the theme is given a new and somewhat prurient twist by its featuring of a prostitute as the subject. The work intersects with the world of "erotic pictures" (shunga) and gives a very useful counterpoint for studying that genre.

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how come no one told me eminem said this bye

Fuck his wannabe ass.


because you should always take every song ever seriously all the time forever

just bc your barber didn’t take your line up seriously 

doesn’t mean you need to add dumb shit to my post

Wow I had to google this to see if it was real because I never heard of it and wowwwwwww so gross jeez

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Fillette et Fillette nue promenant dans la rue, René Magritte

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Red on Green: the life and death of 10,000 roses

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